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Lemax will open the newest, largest in Russia, production plant of steel panel radiators on March 1. According to the representatives of plant, steel radiators of Taganrog production do not concede on quality to foreign analogs, but they are more available at cost. Radiators are made with steel of the best Russian manufacturers, meet Russian standards and are adapted for local heating systems.

The Italian production line Leas have been installed for the production of radiators. It is a reliable concern that has been manufacturing various production lines for over 40 years, implementing innovations constantly. The production line for the realizing of panel radiators is one of the know-how of the Italian concern. The combination of high-quality Russian steel and Italian equipment makes radiators more reliable, efficient and durable devices. The assortment consists of 432 models, so you can find all possible combinations: radiators with one, two or three panels, with the number of convectors from one to three. Each type is available in two versions – side and lower connection.

When you are choosing a radiator, it is very important to determine the required way of connection. Radiators Compact with side connection - this is a standard option that allows you effectively use the power of the radiator. It is suitable for apartment buildings with standard pipe routing.

Radiators ValveCompact with a lower connection allow you to disguise the pipes of the heating system. This connection method is recommended especially for rooms with lower pipe routing and warm floor. In addition, to emphasize the individual room design, you can choose a radiator of any colour, from an accessible palette.

Manufactured radiators pass multisample inspection, including checking the appearance, geometric dimensions and build quality. The reliability of the welds is tested at a pressure greater in one and a half time than the maximum working pressure.

The production on Italian equipment makes radiators reliable heating devices with a warranty period of 10 years.

"Each stage of the work of the Lemax is a concern for the high quality of what we produce. This allows us to offer consumers a decent product, and employees - an attractive working environment. We can create the highest quality radiators only together with motivated employees and active clients " – said Evgeny Zharkov, director of marketing, sales and future development.


Steel panel-type radiators are distinguished by their simple installation and low inertia: they quickly warm up and cool down, providing an optimal temperature conditions in the room. They are economical, because they do not require a lot of hot water. Thanks to these advantages, it is especially convenient to use panel radiators for home, in autonomous heating systems. It is also possible to install in the apartment blocks, because the radiators are tested at a pressure of 13.5 bar, which makes them resistant to hydraulic shocks of the central heating system.

The Lemax LLC has opened a production plant for panel radiators with a capacity of 600 thousand units per year with the prospect of doubling, in Taganrog. The volume of investments amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. The company plans to sell its products in Russia and the CIS through a dealer network. Analysts say that the Russian market has a high need for radiators. If Lemax opens the plant, it will be a logical step to diversify the products.

In Taganrog today Lemax LLC has opened the first line of the production plant of panel radiators, the construction of which began in 2016. The company invested 1.5 billion rubles in the project. "Sberbank" and its partners of European banks have provided an investment loan in the amount of 650 million rubles. The production capacity will be 600 thousand radiators per year. The representatives of the Lemax reported that the openings of the second line will double the plant's capacity. According to preliminary estimates, the payback period of the project will be ten years.

A warehouse complex, three workshops and four assembly lines will be built on the territory of the enterprise, as reported " Kommersant-Yug " in the press service of Lemax. The company plans to supply the radiators throughout Russia and in CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Delivery will establish through a dealer network Lemax, now there are 20 companies in it.

“The panel radiators were supplied mainly by companies from Turkey, Italy and Germany to Russia until 2014, then after the imposition of sanctions, supplies from these countries have reduced or stopped at all. Market analysis conducted by our marketers showed that in Russia and a number of CIS countries the need for panel radiators sharply increased because of this,” reported Yulia Pesai, public relations specialist. She added that there are only two enterprises producing panel radiators in Russia now.

"In the last few years, the volume of imports of radiators to Russia has decreased by more than 40%, this is due to strengthening of the customs regulation of the import of heating equipment, significant exchange rate revaluation of the ruble, lobbying activities of the Association of Heating Radiator Producers (APHR) and introducing independent certification of heating equipment by the Russian System of Quality (“Roskachestvo”). Russian producers met domestic demand by only 10% in 2012, today the part of consumption of radiators produced in Russia is growing and is already over 40%. According to forecasts, this figure will be 75% by 2020. The company Lemax has all the prospects for rapid production loading and reaching the designed capacity, "- added Egor Izvarin, the leading financial advisor of the branch" BCS Premier ", Rostov-on-Don. He noted that the opening of the production plant of radiators is a logical, well-timed and economically justified step of the company to diversify the product line, taking into account the availability of its own production, technical-scientific and raw material resources base.

"The Lemax products must be in demand. In Russia the pace of housing construction continues to be high, although they were slow in the last couple of years. This guarantees the demand for heating equipment, including radiators. Decreasing interest rates on mortgages will promote the growth of demand for new living quarters, and a low average level of household incomes - lower prices for finished housing. In these conditions, building owner are forced to economize and rely on cheaper materials and components of domestic production, given that the producers are able to ensure the proper quality of the products ", - said Aleksei Kalachev, analytical expert “Finam” JSC.

According to the service, Lemax LLC was registered in Taganrog in 1992, the company is a subsidiary of Lemax limited company, creative and production association. The main activity is the production of central heating boilers. The revenue of Taganrog's subsidiary for the 2016 year exceeded 1.3 billion rubles.

Nikita Korolev, " Kommersant-Yug "

Since March 1, 2018, Lemax company is releasing a series production of steel panel-type radiators, which will complement the line of heating gas boilers and water heaters. LEMAX radiators are made from Russian steel on the Italian equipment. A well-established production process guarantees the reliability and efficiency of heating appliances. The manufacture of LEMAX heating radiators uses cold rolled steel of the brand DC01, relevant to the European standard EN 10130: 2006, the American standard ASTM A 1011, and steel of the brand 08Ю relevant to Russian GOST 16523-97 and GOST 9045-93. Heating panels are welded from sheets with a thickness of at least 1.2 mm. The production of LEMAX radiators uses polyester primer and epoxy-polyester paint, which is distinguished by a bright white colour, great anticorrosion and decorative properties, which does not turn yellow during operation and retains a luster of 90%.

An automated welding line of the Italian concern LEAS, the leader in the production of welding automatics has installed in the company. LEMAX radiators are produced with the latest LEAS equipment, released in 2017. A highly automated manufacturing process is managed by only two operators. Production processes are controlled by electronic monitoring, human participation is necessary for equipment maintenance and interoperational and output control of products. Only such a combination is the key to meeting the high demands of the market and world standards of quality. In the manufacture of LEMAX radiators the latest generation of technology is used and every step of the production is concerned with the quality of the finished devices.