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About Lemax

The Lemax plant ranks 2nd* in the production of steel panel radiators in Russia (*according to the Litvinchuk Marketing study for 2023).

Panel radiators made of steel are distinguished by their simple installation and low inertia: they quickly warm up and cool down, providing an optimal temperature regime in the room. They are economical, because they require a small amount of heat carrier (hot water). Thanks to these advantages, it is especially convenient to use panel radiators for the home, in autonomous heating systems.

Russian production allows our customers to buy steel radiators at low prices. Thanks to the launch of a new line, it became possible to fully equip the heating system of the house with Lemax appliances - a boiler and radiators.

The production of modern radiators is a technological and automated process. It starts with stamping corrugated panels, inside of which the coolant will circulate. For producing sheets, cold-rolled steel of Russian production - the branding 08Ю, thickness 1,2 mm - is used. The next stage is the contact welding of radiator panels with high frequency currents and trimming after welding. This method ensures the maximum reliability of the seam. By the aid of the panel structure, the radiators are welded with the minimum length and number of seams.

Also convectors - additional heat-liberating surfaces - are produced with the method of cold punching. Convectors are welded to the panels by multipoint contact welding with mid-frequency currents. Radiators are assembled from panels and convectors, depending on their type.

The final and one of the most important stages is anti-corrosion treatment and painting. This process also takes place in several stages using a unique ground coat and paints. These materials are resistant to external influences, a bright white paint does not turn yellow under the influence of temperature.

Producing radiators undergoes multistage control, including checking the appearance, geometric dimensions and build quality. The reliability of the seams is checked at a pressure of 15 bar (1,5 MPa), this pressure is greater by 1,5 times than the max-process pressure of 10 bar (1,0 MPa).

For the production of LEMAX Premium radiators, the Italian automated line Leas is installed. This equipment was chosen because of its accuracy and reliability: the Leas concern has been manufacturing production lines for more than 40 years, constantly introducing innovations. Automated lines for the production of panel radiators are one of the know-how of the Italian concern.

Panel-type radiator consists of:
  • A steel panel that is welded from two sheets so that rows of interconnected tubes are formed. The coolant circulates through them.
  • Additional heat-liberating surfaces - inverted-U-shaped convection ribs. Passing through them, the air warmed by the coolant flows upwards with streams, warming the room.
  • Air outlet grids and side decorative panels.
Technical features of steel radiators LEMAX Premium:
  • The maximum processes pressure is 1,0 MPa (10 bar);
  • The test pressure is 1,5 MPa (15 bar);
  • The maximum temperature of the heat carrier is 120°C.
Types of radiators

LEMAX produces radiators of two types:
  • with side connection - Compact;
  • with bottom connection - Valve Compact.

Radiators with a side connection are the most common type with a stable high heat dissipation. Models with a bottom connection are modern devices that make it possible to hide heating pipes in the floor.
Radiators are produced in a wide variety of dimensions: height 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm, length - from 400 to 3000 mm at a pitch of 100 mm.

The types of panel radiators differ depending on the number of panels and additional surfaces. In the international classification of radiators, the first figure means the number of panels of the coolant, the second - the number of convectors. The LEMAX plant produces steel radiators of the following types:

TYPE 10 - 1 panel;
TYPE 11 - 1 panel, 1 finned section;
TYPE 20 - 2 panels;
TYPE 21 - 2 panels, 1 finned section;
TYPE 22 - 2 panels, 2 finned sections;
TYPE 30 - 3 panels;
TYPE 33 - 3 panels, 3 finned sections.

  • LEMAX Premium radiators are made strictly according to GOST 31311-2005.
  • The undoubted advantage is the opportunity to buy steel radiators for an apartment and a house at a low price without loss of quality and performance. Steel radiators are cheaper than aluminum and bimetallic ones and they are quite an option for heating an apartment, a cottage, a detached house, an office building. Due to this, steel panel radiators are in-demand in building and construction work.
  • Due to their low weight, the steel radiators are easy to transport and in stall.
  • Producing on Italian equipment makes radiators reliable heating devices. Manufacturer's warranty period is 10 years.
  • Thanks to the design of panel-type radiators they can work with a small amount of hot water. In conditions of autonomous heating system that means saving the resources of the boiler.
  • LEMAX Premium radiators are ideal for heating boilers manufactured in the factory. The combination of a boiler and LEMAX Premium radiators will allow the heating system of the house to be equipped with appliances of habitually high quality.
  • LEMAX Premium radiators are supplied in a complement that is ready for installation and operation: radiator, anchor-type apron, assembly set, vent insert (for radiators with bottom connection), passport, original packing.
  • Aesthetic appearance. Compact dimensions and laconic design of radiators will suit any interior. Choose one of the colour options to emphasize the individuality of your design.

LEMAX Premium radiators are widely represented in the dealer network in Russia and CIS countries. If you would like to buy LEMAX Premium heating radiators, you could find sales outlet in your region. If you would like to become the official representative of Lemax and buy radiators in the gross, please leave an application.

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