Quality Management is Interesting

Secrets of our production

Few customers know that the same official standards as for steel grades or heating system elements are adopted for quality control processes. The International standards (ISO 9001 ISO 14001, ISO 8402) are embedded deeply in the work of Lemax and are its basis.

Producing boiler equipment the company acquired the quality control system. Therefore, starting to produce radiators we implemented immediately the system in accordance with the norms. The production of LEMAX Premium radiators was originally built according to the characteristics of high quality control, and this is its advantage over enterprises that implement regulatory control in already launched processes.

Quality control of the Lemax company covers:

  • production processes;
  • logistics;
  • sales system;
  • Office administration;
  • care for the environment;
  • provision of resources, including human resources.

Our approach is multifaceted and scientific

In the organization of quality control, Lemax uses the best scientific developments in the field of project management - statistical quality control, The Pareto principle and PDCA («Plan-Do-Check-Act»).

Quality management processes are based on the well-known Deming cycle (PDCA): Plan-Do-Check-Act. According to this universal cycle, all stages and levels of the company's work are built.

At the Plan stage, we

  1. determine the goals and processes that lead to them;
  2. describe the work necessary to achieve the goals;
  3. plan to allocate and distribute the resources that are necessary to achieve the goals. During planning, the interests of customers and protection of the environment are taken into account;
  4. The work is carried out in strict accordance with the plan.

Check is an important stage in which we collect all the information about the result, analyze the data taking into account Key Performance Indicators, identify the deviations and analyze their causes. For each process criteria and methods of control are established.

During the Act, we eliminate not only deviations from the quality standards, but also their causes.

Such a cycle avoids unexpected quality violations before the radiators reach the consumer.

Subordinating the Deming cycle to all the processes of production and sale, we analyze their relationship and order. We possess processes in the order that is optimal for production and product.

This approach allows us to build a special quality control system - multifaceted, total and reasonable.


Feedback is necessary for an objective assessment of quality. We value customer feedback and staff suggestions for improving the quality of products and production processes. We consider consumers' opinions as a valuable source of information on the quality of our production and services and an important addition to the opinions of professional auditors.

The leaders of Lemax analyse constantly and reconsider both production processes and the quality control system. Regular analysis guarantees the relevance of the quality control system, prevents malfunctions and aberrations.

Closer to the costomer

Customer needs are a key reference point for all the production processes of LEMAX. To study the level of customer satisfaction, we collect information constantly from our customers and dealers. We also implement new ways of communication with consumers, including communication on forums and social networks. The company seeks to minimize the number of complaints from customers, improving production and service.


We are aware that the human resource is the most important in any process. Maintaining the high professionalism of all employees is a priority for Lemax.

To maintain and improve the level of employees' qualifications, we regularly conduct training and motivate the team, teach employees not only to carry out immediate tasks, but also to interact with each other in a high-quality and efficient manner.

Environmental protection

Today, international quality standards assume the obligatory care of enterprises about nature.

The production of LEMAX Premium radiators is located in Taganrog, a small and beautiful resort town on the shores of the Sea of Azov, therefore we feel a special responsibility in preserving the purity and unique character of our town.

All production processes are designed to do the least damage to the environment and produce a minimum amount of waste. The company has compiled a special paper on the policy of environmental protection. This policy is well known to every employee of the company and everybody - from the key management personnel to average executives - is motivated to implement it. The paper, in particular, specifies that every decision is made by the company taking into account the environmental impact.

Who is responsible for this?

Undoubtedly, process planning and quality management are primarily the task of the key management personnel of the company, and quality supervision is performed by a special department in the production.

But all constructions can be realized with the support of the collective. Therefore, we raise the awareness of employees and make sure that each of them is aware of their involvement in the overall concern for the quality of the final product. The provisions of our quality policy are deeply integrated into everyday work and affect absolutely all employees of the company.

Concern for the high quality of radiators permeates every stage of the work of the company LEMAX. This allows us to offer consumers a decent product, and - employees attractive working conditions. We can create high quality radiators of Russian production only together with motivated employees and active customers.