Warranty period: 10 years of perfect work

The confidence in the quality of the radiators allows LEMAX company to establish a ten-year warranty period. LEMAX Premium radiators are produced with Italian Leas equipment of the latest generation, undergo multistage control at the production site, including a test pressure, one and a half times higher than the process pressure.

The company operates an international quality control system ISO 9001. This is a complex approach that allows to provide insight of production processes and their results, take into account customer feedback and monitor the stability of radiators to various operating conditions.

Warranty coverage

The warranty service is subject to radiators, installes:

  • in private and office premises with natural regain;
  • in independent central heating systems or in autonomous systems with its own unit heater;
  • in a vented system with a capacity of no more than 25 kW in the presence of a corrosion inhibitor in them;
  • in systems with pipes made of steel, copper or polymers;
  • in systems with process pressure of the coolant no more than 10 bar;
  • in systems with a coolant temperature of no higher than 110 ° C. Radiators must be installed without violation of the norms of SP 60.13330.2012 and SNiP 3.05.01-85, the coolant must comply with the rules of RD 34.20.501:
  • pH level from 8,0 to 9,5;
  • oxygen content - up to 0,02 mg / l;
  • hardness of water no more than 7 mg-equ/L.

Warranty conditions

The radiators are not subject to warranty service, the operation of which takes place in unsuitable conditions, which contribute to the rapid deterioration of the devices.

First of all, the constant or periodic damping of the surfaces of the radiators and the very humid environment are unacceptable. In connection with these there are no guarantees for wall radiators, installed in baths, saunas, swimming pools, bathrooms of dwelling rooms, car washes.

A gross violation of the rules of operation is the insecurity of the steel radiator from autodrain of water. If the radiator is installed in drainable systems or connected to a water pipe, it must be equipped with a stop valving. in the absence of it, LEMAX does not provide warranty service for radiators.

The radiator can be served longer

Despite the great corrosion protection, it is recommended to protect the steel radiators from moisture outside and air inside. It is not recommended to drain water from the radiator for more than 15 days in total during the year, it is also inadmissible to completely discharge water from the heating system. After the end of the heating season, the system equipped with steel radiators must be left filled with a coolant. If it requires repair, only the damaged part of the heating system should be emptied.

To avoid mechanical damage to the radiators, it is recommended to remove the packaging after installing the radiator, preferably after all the finishing work has been completed. The entry of building dust into the radiator may reduce its effectiveness.


  • Installing steel radiators in multi-storey buildings, organize the separation of the heating network into zones;
  • Use a pump to fill the system with a heat output of more than 30 kW;
  • If installation and operation are made in a proper way, the service lifetime of LEMAX Premium steel panel radiators reaches 20-25 years.

Warranty case

A warranty case is considered a sputter in the radiator, associated with a defect in the material. If it is the warranty case, for 10 years after the sale of the radiator LEMAX Premium undertakes to fix a problem - repair or replace defective radiators or their parts. The choice of the solution of the problem remains with the manufacturer.