Danfoss RTR-C 013G7070 RTD element

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It is ideal for LEMAX Premium radiators with bottom connection (Valve Compact) complete with Danfoss RA-N 013G1382 cartridge valve.

RTR-C radiator thermal elements are designed for Danfoss radiator valves to be used in any district or home central heating systems.

RTR-C RTD element is a proportional controller with a small proportional band; this heating element is designed for two-pipe heating systems.

RTR-C thermal elements are equipped with a snap-on connection to install them quickly and securely on the valve casing for long without any tools.

All RTR-C thermal element have freeze protection. RTR-C thermal elements also control the temperature range to limit both maximum and minimum temperatures.

RTR-C is characterized by increased strength, opening/closing strength and cross-breaking strength outperform EN 215 requirements.