Danfoss OEM/RTR 013G7097 RTD element

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Danfoss OEM/RTR 013G7097 RTD element is ideal for LEMAX Premium radiators with bottom connection (Valve Compact) complete with Danfoss RA-N 013G1382 cartridge valve.

RTD elements of the RTR type are thermostatic elements to complete RTR radiator thermostats.

Radiator thermostat is a proportional heat controller with a small proportional band, used in building heating systems of various purpose.

RTR thermostat consists of two parts: an RTD element of the RTR type and a control valve with relieving capacity presetting of the RTR-N type (for two-pipe heating systems) or the RTR-G type (for a single-pipe heating system).

RTR 7097 is an RTD element with a built-in temperature sensor.

RTD elements of the RTR type have freeze protection and limiting temperature setting.

The connection provides an easy and accurate fastening between the thermal element and the valve.

Performance specifications of radiator thermostats with RTR thermal elements conform to EN 215-1 standards and Russian GOST 30815-2002.