Decorative radiators with side connection

Side connection of decorative radiators The well-established production of LEMAX Premium radiators allows us to solve all problems related to space heating, and moreover, to satisfy the aesthetic demands of customers. The MODERN collection of decorative radiators was created to give warmth and comfort and at the same time to emphasize the style and status of the owner of the premises.

Decorative radiators retain all the technical characteristics of the basic models, differing only in a modern and stylish appearance. They will suit laconic interiors, give the rooms more individuality and nobility. Decorative radiators MODERN are an inexpensive and natural way to make a room not only warm, but also beautiful.

Decorative radiators with side connection are devices in which aesthetic qualities are combined with the traditionally high efficiency of such models. Decorative radiators completely repeat the design of the basic models: they have openings for the inlet and outlet of the coolant on the right or left side. The lateral connection method makes the radiators as energy efficient as possible, since the natural direction of the coolant flow is used in the circulation of water in the heating system. With this scheme of work, the radiator evenly warms up over the entire area.

Technical information about decorative radiators:

  • maximum working pressure 1,0 MPa;
  • test pressure 1,5 MPa;
  • the maximum temperature of the coolant is 120 °C;
  • height 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm;
  • length from 400 to 3000 mm with a step of 100 mm.

Additional benefits:

  • high efficiency;
  • individual appearance;
  • ease of use and maintenance.

Device and principle of operation

The design of steel panel radiators includes: Heating panels, through the channels of which the coolant moves. Convective panels made up of a series of U-shaped ribs. They are located between the heating panels to increase the heat dissipation of the radiator, further heating the air. MODERN radiators are manufactured with welded Hook / Standart fasteners.

The number of heating and convection panels depends on the type of radiators:

Type 20 - 2 heating panels;
Type 21 - 2 heating panels with 1 convection panel built between them;
Type 22 - 2 heating and 2 convection panels;
Type 30 - 3 heating panels;
Type 33 - radiators of maximum power, composed of 3 heating and 3 convective panels.


Decorative radiators with side connection are recommended for use in office, administrative and residential premises. They are especially well suited for those conditions in which it is required to combine practicality of use and stylish interior. Decorative models are often chosen for offices, shops, halls. They are also able to bring variety and a sense of originality to homes, cottages and apartments.


The delivery set of decorative radiators includes:
  • radiator - 1 pc .; 
  • L-shaped bracket - 2 pcs. - for radiators with a length of 400 mm to 1600 mm, 3 pcs. - for radiators with a length of 1700 mm to 3000 mm;
  • bleed screw - 1 pc .;
  • blind plug - 1 pc .;
  • mounts for brackets - 4 pcs. (dowel screw) for radiators with a length of 400 mm to 1600 mm, 6 pcs. (dowel screw) for radiators with a length of 1700 mm to 3000 mm;
  • packaging (plastic corners and pads, two layers of shrink film);
  • a product certificate.
For radiators with a height of 200 mm, only floor brackets are used and must be purchased separately!!!

How and where to buy decorative radiators LEMAX Premium

The fastest and easiest way is to place an order in our online store. Select the suitable radiator model, delivery method and pay for the order.