Decorative radiators with bottom connection

Decorative radiators with bottom connection

Decorative radiators MODERN are designed to provide warmth to the premises and at the same time create a laconic and stylish interior. Standard indoor radiators are necessary, but not the most beautiful element. The owners of the least attractive radiators try to hide them with screens, thereby reducing heat transfer. A more effective solution is to install a radiator that will decorate the room and you won't want to hide it.

The advantages that the bottom connection of radiators gives are especially relevant for decorative models.

Bottom connection is a way in which the inlet and outlet of the coolant occurs through closely spaced pipes at the bottom of the radiator. This installation allows to minimize the visible pipes in the room - only a small section of parallel non-curved pipes remains visible. The rest of the communications are covered with a floor covering and, if desired, connected to the underfloor heating system.

Decorative radiators look especially light and unobtrusive with a bottom liner. The bottom connection is possible only for steel radiators, due to their low weight - cast iron and bimetallic radiators do not provide such an opportunity for masking pipes.

MODERN radiators are manufactured with welded Hook / Standart fasteners.

Advantages of decorative radiators LEMAX Premium

The Lemax company offers to the attention of buyers modern decorative radiators of the MODERN series, which:
  • available with bottom connection; 
  • allow you to mask communications as much as possible;
  • facilitate cleaning of premises;
  • equipped with a LEMAX CLICK RA valve for regulating the heating medium flow.

The device of decorative radiators MODERN with bottom connection

Design features of decorative radiators:
  • Steel panels, inside of which the coolant moves
  • Convective panels that are heated by panels with a heat carrier and give off additional heat to the air, increasing the heat transfer of the radiator
  • Thermoregulatory valve LEMAX CLICK RA
  • Six holes for mounting a radiator (the holes are closed with pipes for inlet and outlet of the coolant, a valve for thermoregulation, a valve for air exhaust, plugs)

Types of decorative radiators

Depending on the number of heating panels and convectors, the types of radiators are distinguished:

TYPE 20 - 2 panels;
TYPE 21 - 2 panels + 1 convector;
TYPE 22 - 2 panels + 2 convectors;
TYPE 30 - 3 panels;
TYPE 33 - 3 panels + 3 convectors.


The delivery set of decorative radiators includes:
  • radiator - 1 pc .;
  • bleed screw - 1 pc .;
  • blind plug - 1 pc .; built-in valve LEMAX CLICK RA*;
  • mounts for brackets - 4 pcs. (dowel screw) for radiators with a length of 400 mm to 1600 mm, 6 pcs. (dowel-screw) for radiators with a length of 1700 mm to 3000 mm;
  • packaging (plastic corners and pads, two layers of shrink film);
  • L-shaped bracket - 2 pcs. - for radiators with a length of 400 mm to 1600 mm, 3 pcs. - for radiators with a length from 1700 mm to 3000 mm;
  • a product certificate.

*for radiators with bottom connection (VC) equipped with a built-in LEMAX CLICK RA valve, the following thermal heads are recommended: LEMAX ET03, LEMAX ET04.

For radiators with a height of 200 mm, only floor brackets are used and must be purchased separately!!!

How and where to buy decorative radiators LEMAX Premium

The fastest and easiest way is to place an order in our online store. Select the suitable radiator model, delivery method and pay for the order.