Compact radiators with side connection

Steel panel-type radiators are popular for their operational economy, high heat output, model and type variety. Panel-type radiators with side connection for houses and apartments are characterized by connecting pipelines on the right and/or left-hand side.

Side connection advantages

Radiators with side connections are the most commonly used, they are sought-after by commercial construction and multistorey housing, as well as low-rise housing and private construction. They are well suited to one-pipe and two-pipe heating systems. The key feature of side connection is its maximum efficiency. In this case radiator heats up evenly vertically and horizontally. The cooled down heat carrier directs downwards clearing the top space of the radiator for the warm heat carrier. Thus, a natural flow is formed in the heating system results in increase in the system“s efficiency.

Configuration of radiators with side connection

Steel panel-type radiators are panels consisting of two welded riffled steel sheets. Convectors additional ribbed surfaces transferring heat are attached to the panels. This construction provides fast heating and cooling of the radiator.

Side connection models include the following structure:
  1. Panels and convectors, their number depends upon the radiator type
  2. Four G1/2"-B female threaded holes. Pipes are connected to two holes, the remaining ones are fitted with a blank cover and a bleed air valve installed in the upper hole opposite the heat carrier inlet.

LEMAX Premium radiators with side connection

LEMAX company produces a wide size and model range of panel-type radiators with side connection. The size range includes radiators with the following dimensions: height - 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm, length - from 400 to 3000 mm with 100 mm step.

Side-connected radiators are produced with welded Hook / Standart fasteners.

Rradiator type depends on the number of panels and convectors:

Type 10 – 1 panel;
Type 11 – 1 panel + 1 convector;
Type 20 – 2 panels;
Type 21 – 2 panels +1 convector;
Type 22 – 2 panels + 2 convectors;
Type 30 – 3 panels;
Type 33 – 3 panels + 3 convectors.

Maximum operating pressure for LEMAX Premium radiators with side connection is 10 bar (1,0 Mpa), maximum temperature of the heat carrying agent is 120 °С.

Component parts 

Radiators are delivered as a complete factory package, ready for installation. Radiator with side connection comes standard with:

  • radiator – 1 pc.;

  • mounting bracket with clips – 2 pcs. for radiators with a length up to 1700 mm, 3 PCs. for radiators with a length over 1700 mm, radiators with a height of 200 mm high mounting brackets are not included;

  • bleed screw;

  • blind plug- 2 pcs.;

  • mounting brackets – 4 pcs. (dowel-screw) for radiators with a length up to 1700 mm, 6 PCs. (dowel-screw) for radiators with a length over 1700 mm;

  • pack (plastic corners and flashings, two layers of heat-shrink film);

  • a product certificate.


Radiators with side connection are fastened to the wall with four supports, if the length is more than 1700 mm six supports are used. Additionally special nailing plugs are used to fasten radiators to plasterboard walls.

Guarantee of quality

LEMAX Premium radiators conform to standard GOST (All-Union State Standard) 31311-2005. Radiators are made of Russian steel with the machinery of the Leas group (Italia) and factory tested under pressure of 15 bar (1,5 Mpa). LEMAX company gives a 10 years guarantee for its radiators.

Mounting instructions

The significant point of radiator mountling is calculating the distance to surrounding surfaces (floor, walls and a window sill). Either too small or too long distance will result in reducing the heat transfer.

Recommended distances:

  • the distance to the floor is more than 75% from the apparatus depth;
  • the distance to the window sill is more than 75% of the apparatus depth at 300 mm height and more than 90% at 500 mm height;
  • the distance to the wall depends upon the placement of an anchor apron.

When mounting radiators observe the following:

  • the heating system should be indirect and pressurized;
  • radiator mountling should be performed only by specialized organization;
  • radiator“s position should be aligned and levelled;
  • vent valve should be mounted only on the top hole;
  • jumper strap (by-pass) installed between the upper and lower pipes will switch off the radiator without draining the whole system that may be relevant to central heating systems;
  • do not remove the prefabricated package before the radiator is assembled, which reduces damages and contamination during assembly operations.

Life hack: diagonal connection can be used for radiators more than 2 m long, where the heating main is connected to the upper lateral pipe, and the heat carrier outlet is on the opposite side at the bottom of the radiator. Such connection turns to be more energy-efficient and heat uniformly a large radiator.
As a rule, the diagonal connection is not used with smaller-in-size radiators because of pipe-line extension. Radiators with a side connection diagram are suitable for diagonal mounting.

How and where you can buy LEMAX Premium radiators

The fastest and easiest way is to place an order in our online store. Select the suitable radiator model, delivery method and pay for the order.