Valve Compact radiators with bottom connection

Valve Compact with bottom connection

Steel panel-type heating radiators with bottom connection are the most advanced and sought-after models. Their major advantage is a valve element to control the heat-transfer agent flow, as well as an option to hide pipes into the floor and the interior environment results in being simple clean and noble. LEMAX Premium VC radiators make us to avoid the pipes going along the walls and the floor and spoiling any domestic design. VC radiators are aesthetically pleasing and they do not obstruct the layout of furniture and help indoor cleaning.

Specific distinction

The feature of radiators with a bottom connection is the inlet and outlet pipes of the heat-transfer agent that are located close to each other - at a distance of 50 mm. It should not be confused with C type radiators with a saddle connection placing the lines at the bottom on opposite sides of the radiator. This method of connection is also associated with the desire to disguise communication. But, unlike VC type radiators, it leads to significant heat loss, since it does not allow to warm up the bottom and top of the radiator evenly.

The possibility of a bottom connection refers to the features of steel radiators and distinguishes them from cast iron and bimetallic ones, which do not imply installation with a bottom hot-water pipe. The bottom connection is possible thanks to relatively low weight of the steel radiators.

Configuration of radiators with a bottom connection

In panel-type steel radiators, the heat-transfer agent circulates inside a panel, which was welded from two steel sheets 1,2 mm thick. Additional emissivity is provided by convectors, which warm the air and direct it into the room. Depending on the number of panels and convectors types of radiators are:

Type 10 – 1 panel;
Type 11 – 1 panel + 1 convector;
Type 20 – 2 panels;
Type 21 – 2 panels + 1 convector;
Type 22 – 2 panels + 2 convectors;
Type 30 – 3 panels;
Type 33 – 3 panels + 3 convectors.

In the numbering of types, the first numeric character means the number of panels, the second - the number of convectors.

The design features of radiators with a bottom connection are:

  • panels and convectors, the number of which depends on the type of radiator;
  • six G1 / 2 "- B female threaded holes. The pipes are connected to the two bottom holes, the valve insert is installed in the right upper hole and the remaining ones are equipped with plugs and a vent valve.

Radiators with bottom connection LEMAX Premium

LEMAX company produces radiators of VC type in a wide range of sizes: height 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm, length from 400 to 3000 mm at a pitch of 100 mm, in all there are more than 200 variants. All LEMAX Premium radiators are designed for operating pressure of 10 bar (1,0 MPa) and maximum temperature of heat-transfer agent of 120 °C. This makes them suitable for detached house, modern apartment buildings and commercial space. Universal radiators can be including into single-pipe or two-pipe heating systems.

Package contents

Radiators are delivered in a complete factory package, ready for installation. Radiator with bottom connection comes standard with:
  • radiator – 1 pc.;

  • bleed screw;

  • blind plug- 2 pcs.;

  • Danfoss built-in valve  - 1 pc.;

  • pack (plastic corners and flashings, two layers of heat-shrink film);

  • a product certificate.


The radiators are manufactured without welded Click / Universal fasteners, which allows the use of radiators for both left and right connections, as well as to increase the aesthetic appeal of radiators when used in conjunction with a floor mount.

Guarantee of Quality

Manufacturer gives a 10 years guarantee for VC type panel radiators. The quality of radiators is guaranteed by the use of Russian steel grade 08Ю with the machinery of the Leas group (Italy). All radiators pass obligatory inspection of geometric parameters and pressure tests of 15 bar (1,5 MPa). LEMAX Premium radiators conform to standard GOST (All-Union State Standard) 31311-200.

Mounting instructions

For effective work of the radiator, it is necessary to provide space for convection. Therefore, such parameters as the distance from the edge of the radiator to the floor, wall and window sill are regulated:

  • the distance from the bottom edge of the radiator to the floor is at least 75% of the depth of the radiator;
  • the distance from the top edge to the window sill is at least 75% of the depth at a height of 300 mm and at least 90% at a height of 500 mm;
  • the distance to the wall depends on the features of the fastening, in particular, the location of the anchor ear.

Depth of the product depends on its type - 10, 11, 20, 21, 22, 30, 33. Proper placement of the device will ensure maximum heat transfer, as well as easy cleaning of the room and easy access to the radiator mounting components.


  • radiator mounting should be performed by a specialized organization;
  • It is necessary to check the radiator before use;
  • It is important to follow the marking that point the inlet and outlet pipes while mounting radiators of VC type;
  • the heating system should be self-governing and closed;
  • do not remove the prefabricated package before the radiator is assembled, which reduces damages and contamination during assembly operations.

How and where you can buy LEMAX Premium radiators

The fastest and easiest way is to place an order in our online store. Select the suitable radiator model, delivery method and pay for the order.