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The radiator type 30 MODERN Valve Compact includes powerful, aesthetic and modern models. Key features of this type of radiators:

  • the bottom connection, which allows you to mask the heating pipes. This makes the interior neat, concise and makes it easier to clean the premises.
  • three steel panels, through which the coolant circulates. The panels are made of 08YU steel, they are characterized by high heat transfer and low inertia. 

The type 30 represents the maximum possible number of heating panels.

MODERN radiators are manufactured with welded Hook/Standart mounting elements.


MODERN type 30 radiators are characterized by the highest power, so they can be recommended for rooms with a large area or with increased heat loss (for example, corner rooms of a house). Radiators are equally suitable for single-pipe and double-pipe heating systems.

Technical characteristics of MODERN type 30 radiators with a bottom connection:

  • maximum working pressure 1,0 MPa;
  • test pressure 1,5 MPa;
  • the maximum temperature of the coolant is 120 °C.

Size range:

  • height 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm;
  • length from 400 to 3000 mm in increments of 100 mm.


The delivery set of decorative radiators includes:

  • radiator - 1 pc.;
  •  L-shaped bracket - 2 pcs. - for radiators with a length of 400 mm to 1600 mm, 3 pcs. - for radiators with a length of 1700 mm to 3000 mm;
  •  bleed screw - 1 pc.; 
  •  blind plug - 1 pc.;
  •  built-in valve LEMAX CLICK RA*; mounting brackets - 4 pcs. (dowel-screw) for radiators with a length from 400 mm to 1600 mm, 6 pcs. (dowel-screw) for radiators with a length from 1700 mm to 3000 mm;
  •  packaging (plastic corners and pads, two layers of shrink film);
  • a product certificate.

*for radiators with bottom connection (VC) equipped with a built-in LEMAX CLICK RA valve, the following thermal heads are recommended: LEMAX ET03, LEMAX ET04.

LEMAX guarantees the high quality of each radiator. The devices undergo multi-stage quality control and comply with GOST 31311-2005.

The warranty period of operation of LEMAX Premium radiators is 10 years.



Radiator passport Размер: 618.3 Кб
Radiator mount Размер: 2.5 Мб
Certificate of conformity Размер: 4.8 Мб