Type 21 radiators with bottom connection are ideal for detached houses and cottages, also suitable for heating apartment buildings, office, administrative and public premises.
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The distinctive features of the type 21 Valve Compact radiators are the bottom connection, compact dimensions and high efficiency.

Radiators are manufactured without welded Click / Universal fasteners, which allows the use of radiators for both left and right connections, as well as increase the aesthetic appeal of radiators when used in conjunction with a floor mount.

LEMAX Premium radiators with one convector are presented in a wide variety of sizes:

  • height 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mm;
  • length is from 400 to 3000 mm at a pitch of 100 mm.

Specifications of 21 Valve Compact radiators:

  • maximum operating pressure is 1,0 MPa;
  • test pressure is 1,5 MPa;
  • maximum temperature of the heat-transfer agent is 120°С.

It is not recommended to drain the heat-transfer agent from steel radiators for a period of more than 15 days.

Package Contents

Type 21 Compact radiators come standard with the following:

  • radiator – 1 pc.;
  • bleed screw;
  • blind plug- 2 pcs.;
  • LEMAX CLICK RA built-in valve - 1 pc.;
  • pack (plastic corners and flashings, two layers of heat-shrink film);
  • a product certificate.

ATTENTION! Brackets for mounting radiators are not included in the delivery set and must be purchased separately!!!

Guarantee of Quality

Manufacturer's warranty for LEMAX Premium radiators is 10 years. Such a high rate is achieved by the choice of reliable materials, technological production and quality control.

  • Materials: cold rolled steel grade 08Ю, Litum primer and painting materials.
  • Production: radiators are manufactured on the automated equipment of the Leas group (Italia) of the latest generation.
  • Quality control: LEMAX Premium radiators conform to standard GOST (All-Union State Standard) 31311- 2005. In the process of production, radiators pass interoperational control and mandatory testing by pressure 1.5 times higher than the working pressure.

Connection method

Type 21
Type 21
Type 21


Radiator passport Размер: 618.3 Кб
Radiator mount Размер: 2.5 Мб
Certificate of conformity Размер: 4.8 Мб